We help struggling, burned-out working parents heal their hidden childhood fears and wounds, take care of themselves, and communicate with their child with love and empathy.

Jerry's coaching
transforms lives

The discovery of a 5-step process results in remarkable changes in your relationships with yourself, your child, and a great improvement in your quality of life. .

We help struggling, burned-out working parents to take TIME OUT to reconnect with what matters the most to them. 



Then, they can TIME IN and become fully present to rekindle the bond with their child.



We’ll show you 5 steps in the Best selling book TIME OUT for TIME IN that will help you leave the fear and guilt behind to feel alive, connected to who you are and what you love. Then, you can bring out the positive energy to bond with your child. 

How Reconnecting With Yourself Can Help You Bond With Your Child In a Busy World

"When you feel everything in your outside world is going wrong, your home is where you always feel right" - Jerry Le

We help struggling, burned-out parents to

Products & Courses


  • The best-selling book on Amazon
  • Real-life stories
  • A 5- step process solution

100% online: 6 weeks online courses: TIME OUT for TIME IN

  • 6-week online videos, 12-month access
  • A free book TIME OUT for TIME IN
  • Private Facebook community
  • Practical short exercises
  • 3 x one and one coaching call for 6 weeks

One on One Coaching: Offers: 30 mins free discovery session

  • Book for a free 30-minute discovery call

Webinar: A free 45 minutes class:

  • How to make self-care your priority?
  • How to create a healthy habit in the transition between work and home?
  • How to use emotion coaching to communicate with your child?

“I believe beyond this space and time, all is well and all will be well.”


What my clients say

How parenting coaching has changed lives? Hear from our newest members.

‘Reading your book, going through your 5 steps process, and learning of your own experiences helps me to be more confident in gentle parenting. I now find a better way to communicate my feelings and thoughts openly with my partner.’
Bao Anh
a mother of a 4-year-old and an educator
"I love your book and the process. Your stories, tools, techniques are extremely useful. It's full of valuable and useful parenting information that a parent can use right now."
a mother of 12 year old and a life coach
"The process helps me not only reconnecting with my children but also learning how to find joy within me. The book is so easy to read and very practical. I'd definitely go through each step again until I master the process. 
a mother of two, a 5 year and a 9 year old, an accountant 
"As a mother of 4 children, the tools help me reduce the stress and connect more with each child. It's going to save many families."
a mother of four, and an author

“Joyful parent, joyful child”

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